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Welcome New Residents
As recorded in the November 2021 minutes of the Spring Creek Community Club, Vicky Sykes reported 7 new households were welcomed into the community for a total of 74 new family move-ins into Spring Creek for 2021.

Six Quick Steps to Settle In

#1.  Pick up your Barcodes and Key Fobs.  Barcodes ($15 each) and Key Fobs (additional/replacements are $20 each) can be picked up at the Gatehouse with payment by check.  See barcodes and key fobs under the Community Management tab for more details.

#2.  How to deal with trash and moving boxes. Trash is collected on Thursday (click here for more details). Cardboard can be recycled at the cardboard shed found to the right of the Sports Club.

#3.  Sign up to receive our newsletter, Spring Creek Current.  Subscribe to the Homeowners Association Newsletter.  Click on the Communication page for more information.

#4.  Contact the Welcome Committee at to receive a Welcome Packet containing information about the community, and answer your questions. Click on the Documents page and scroll down to find the At A Glance: What New Residents Need to Know information sheet.

#5.  Get Involved!  Visit the Activities, Events, Clubs & Committees page of this website to learn about all the exciting things happening at Spring Creek. Stay connected by visiting the Upcoming Events & Annoucements page.

#6.  Check out the Tavern.

As you unpack...

As you unpack, consider helping others by recycling packing boxes and gently used clothing. The Spring Creek Community Club has partnered with the Louisa County Resource Council (Food Bank) to provide gently used clothing for their Clothes Closet and cardboard for recycling which provides money for food year-round. Clothing donations are also provided to the Central Virginia Baptist Association Clothing Distribution Center located in Charlottesville. Clothes donations can be left in the library at the Sports Club and the cardboard in the white shed located beside the Sports Club. Tax receipts for clothing are available upon request.

Welcome Committee

If you are new to Spring Creek or have a new neighbor, please contact the Welcome Committee.  This committee provides new residents with a Welcome Packet, information about the community, and answers any and all questions.

Contact Vicky Sykes at

Welcome New Residents!

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