Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to receive the newsletter?
Spring Creek's monthly digital newsletter keeps the community informed and up to date. For more information, go to the Communication page of the website or subscribe by clicking on the link below.

Subscribe to the Homeowners Association Newsletter.

Archived Issues can be accessed here.

I'm a resident in Section E or F or other section with locked group mailboxes.  How do I get my mail?

Residents in sections that require mailbox keys for access to community mailbox tower, please contact your builder for more information.  If you purchase a resale home, you should get keys from the previous owner. If there is no key, contact the Gordonsville Post office for a replacement key at a cost of $15. The phone number for Gordonsville Post Office is (540) 832-5002.

How do I set up utilities?

  • Contact Louisa County Water Authority at (540) 967-1122 for water.
  • Two companies provide electricity to Spring Creek: Dominion Energy Virginia at (866) 366-4357 and Central Virginia Electric Cooperative at (434) 263-8336.
  • Internet options for Spring Creek are Comcast and Firefly Fiber Broadband.
  • Television services are available through Comcast, Firefly Fiber Broadband, Direct TV and DISH.

How do I pay my HOA fees?

Associa Community Group manages Spring Creek and processes homeowner association dues. You can pay online through your bank or if you prefer USPS, the remittance address is:

Spring Creek Community Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 27898
Newark, NJ 07101-7898

Please be sure to include your account number (found in your payment coupon booklet) on your checks. You may also make online payments.  Find more information here. If you have any questions or need a coupon booklet, contact Todd Haymans, On-Site Community Manager, 540-832-6033,

Where do I get a car decal?

When you purchase a home in Spring Creek you must display a car decal on your vehicle. Barcodes are $15 each and can be obtained from the Gatehouse.  You must provide proof of residency via a lease agreement, deed, or Certificate of Compliance for new construction. Replacement stickers are also $15.

What should I know about gate security?

Spring Creek security is supplied by Securitas. The officers monitor vehicles and visitors that come in and out of Spring Creek.

  1. If you are expecting guests to the neighborhood, please notify the Gate House in advance so that they can provide them with a Visitor Pass. 
  2. This pass should be visible in the vehicle at all times. 
  3. Extended passes are available to frequent guests.

Also, if you see something suspicious or have a need for security, call  the gatehouse security at (540) 832-0832.

If it is an emergency that requires Police, Fire, or Rescue, call 911 immediately.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch plays an important role in keeping our neighborhood safe and “connected.”  If you wish to participate, just email or mail your contact data to

Thank you to all of our volunteers on the Neighborhood Watch and IT/Access Control committees. To read about our future plans and additional information, click here.

Where do I go to get my key fob?

Key fobs are necessary for access to the Fitness Center at the Sports Club. One key fob will be issued by security at the main gate free of charge to new resident homeowners (i.e., one key fob per family). Additional key fobs, replacement key fobs and key fobs for renters will be issued for a charge of $20 (payable by check only).

How do I obtain my pool pass?

Pool passes are mailed to homeowners in May and MUST be brought to pool for admission. Renters obtain their pool passes from the homeowner.   If you are a resident and do not have your pool passes before the pool opens, contact Todd Haymans, On-Site Community Manager, 540-832-6033,

If you do not have a pool pass but want to go to the pool bring some sort of ID to the pool showing that you live in Spring Creek.  Your name and address will be recorded by the guards and you will be allowed  entry (1 time only) without a pass. The guards will get you in contact with Todd.

Pool rules, hours and other important  information including how to book a pool party can be found here.

When is trash collected?

Thursday is trash day and our new vendor is Green For Life (GFL) Waste.

GFL utilizes automated trucks so it is critical that you place all trash in the provided trash can.  Carts also needs to be AT LEAST 10 feet from your mailbox. Trash cans may be placed at the curb Wednesday evening and removed (out of sight) by Thursday evening.

If you do not have a trash can please contact Todd Haymans, On-Site Community Manager, 540-832-6033,  For additional information and questions, contact GFL Trash Service.

Why do I need to keep my outside post lights on at night?

Outside post lights are to be kept on at night. Without street lights, it is the only lighting to help someone locate your home and to deter criminal activity.

Have questions or concerns for Spring Creek Leadership Council (SCLC)?

Do you have a question or concern for a SCLC member?  Click on the Spring Creek Leadership Council tab on left and find the members listed with contact email.

Consider attending meetings in person or via Zoom to take an active role in your community!  

When are the community yard sales?

Spring Creek has two yard sales each year in May and October.  

Where can I learn more about the history of the land that is now Spring Creek? Was it owned by the Spicer family?

One pretty day when you're out for a walk or a drive down Bear Island Parkway, take a little detour onto Deer Run and quickly come to Acorn Court. There you can visit a piece of Louisa County history, a little gravesite surrounded by a stone wall. By long-standing agreement, which the original developer of Spring Creek honored, this 1/20-acre graveyard was set off permanently. There you'll see the resting sites of eight members of the Spicer family, one-time owners of this property, whose members date back to the late 1800s. Yes, we all enjoy calling Spring Creek a "new" development which we are happy to be part of, but one little parcel might remind us that others did precede us and remain here. For access to more Louisa County history, pay a visit to Louisa Historical Society.

What else is known about the Spring Creek property?  Who were Abraham and Sallie J. Rollins?

The second gravesite on the Spring Creek property is located just across the intersection of Clubhouse Drive and Spring Creek Parkway.  It contains two notable gravestones belonging to Abraham and Sallie J. Rollins. Much is unknown about the inhabitants of the property, but click here to read "Those That Walked Before" by Brian Vincel with thanks to Bob Babyok for historical research.  Again, these are just several of the reminders that others did precede us and remain here. 

How do I know what's happening at Tavern on the Green?

Looking for something to do? Check out the EVENTS CALENDAR for the Tavern and Spring Creek Golf Club. You will find fun activities open to residents like Friday Cheers with live music,  restaurant specials like monthly Passport Dinners, Group Golf Clinics like Margarita Bunkerville, Holiday events like Santa’s Brunch or Independence Day Fireworks, and more.